Dress 1. Roksanda


















For me, Net-a-Porter.com is a little slice of heaven. I cannot imagine how wonderful it would be to swan around the stock rooms, running my hands along the rails of exquisite fabrics, the silks, the cottons, the leather….it has been a website which I have loved ever since I discovered it some years ago. But enough of that, I came to the conclusion that even though I did not have the money to fund such expensive pieces of clothing, then I should just make them myself. Not copy, but just use certain designers as an inspiration.

The moment I glanced at that page, this dress by Roksanda Ilincic jumped out at me. I think it was perhaps the colour combination. I have loved mint all my life~ice cream, chocolate, tiny mint china cups…the purple trim sneaking out from beneath the layers of cascading silk, in contrast with the creamy skirt and jet black bodice….. I knew if I couldn’t have the £920 real deal then I must create my own…and it was actually quite simple!

I found a basic dress pattern, shoulder less with a pencil skirt, and couldn’t believe my eyes when there, in the fabric bargain bin lay the exact fabrics which I needed….a liquidy teal blue and a thick biscuit cream. I started by creating the base of the dress, sewing the cream skirt to the black bodice and then attaching the silk purple strip at the waist. Next was the task of pleating the blue silk so that is draped across the bodice…this was the difficult part! I decided, after much deliberation that I would fashion my own, slightly scrunched adornment out of the hanging fabric instead of having a Roksanda style train at the back. I sort of did this part as I went along…I am not one for planning, and I really don’t have the patience for testing out different techniques, so I sort of tried gathering it with random stitches and it luckily worked!


Roksanda Ilincic Elodie drape dress

dress by Roksanda Ilincic~swoon…..




42 responses to “Dress 1. Roksanda

  1. wow, this dress is beautiful… absolutely stunning. you did an incredible job, oh if only i could sew like you can! roksanda is one of my favourite designers for sheer imaginative and creative brilliance. i wish i could get my hands on one of her whistles dresses. accessible, yes!

    welcome back, i knew you would come back eventually, how are you? how have you been?


  2. This is such a pretty design! the dress turned out really well and the photo shoot is really pretty!

    albie xxx

  3. J.

    What a charming dress! (and girl!)

    I really like the drawings too! (I’m trying to get better at drawing at the moment, so I pay attention to these things. Weird, I know!)

  4. What a beautiful dress. I love your designer sketch too.

  5. Gia

    Gorgeouse! I love this dress!

  6. That light bleu top is..magical!

    One Love,

  7. oh its a dress..my bad..even more magical!

  8. Gorgeous!!! I love the drape & pleat. x

  9. oh my god!!!! your copy is amazing! very very VERY talented! xxxx

  10. Hey Emily, thank you so much for your kind comment! I am excited to discover your blog and really love this dress you made for yourself, very talented:) looking forward to seeing more of your work, X nati

  11. Wow this is fantastic! The silk looks so good and sooo soft. Who needs net-a-porter hey?

  12. Kat

    wow – you are really talented! that is a great copy and looks gorgeous on you. love your sketch too

  13. oh wow…impressive! i like how the roksanda dress is drapey, but yours completely wins with the ruching and the satiny finish. love.


  14. wow! so impressed!!! love the shots of you in the water!

  15. Gorgeous. Your version is prettier, more feminine and luxurious … nothing beats custom, hand made. The workmanship will always shine through. So lovely.

  16. Sally

    Simply divine and a stunning creation …so pretty!

  17. this is quite amazing, the detail at the back is stunning 🙂 very talented!

  18. oh wow that is simply incredible.
    thank you for the comment!

  19. what an absolutely, positively perfect dress, i can’t believe it’s homemade! wow, just wow.

    You’re very pretty, you look a bit like Emma Watson.

  20. STARR

    wow so pretty and feminine. great job!

  21. wow,… I think yours is better than Roksanda’s! I absolutely love it, the blue you used is gorgeous, the photos are amazing and the fit is incredible. You’re very lucky to have that talent!!
    and your model (or maybe it’s you?) has absolutely divine hair!

    Brooke xx

  22. WOW! You made this?!? How amazing! That dress of Roksanda’s was one of my favourites of that collection, turned out beautifully 😉 I posted pics of me in my Roksanda Ilincic dress in my latest post…

  23. Wow that’s gorgeous! You’ve done really well. I love the way you’ve done the bodice

  24. i can’t believe you made that! it’s perfect! and almost exactly like the roksanda one.

  25. An

    wow what a gorgeous dress – especially the texture and colour! Thanks for the exam tips hun 😀 x

  26. Fantastic dress. Great colour. Love it.

  27. Looks so haute couture. You have great talent and a keen eye for fabric . . . stunning.

  28. Brilliant stuff. Well made and you are right so much better to emulate then break the bank. Prices have become ridiculous!

  29. wow, beautiful dress!

    and thanks for commenting on my blog. i’m very happy you enjoyed the music! 🙂

  30. Meg

    Wow, that is lovely! A great dress and much less expensive than net-a-porter!

  31. Your dress is so pretty on you. I love the picture in the water too.


  32. Hi there !
    thanks for your comment on my blog.
    That dress is gorgeous, well done ! some nice shots.

  33. wow, beautiful with that blue color!

  34. Gorgeous dress!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog doll! I love the Jonas Brothers, their not even a guilty pleasure anymore :)) And a reason why my friends make fun of me, but I can’t help it, they’re too cute, I just wanna cuddle them *giggle*

  35. This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read.. <a href="http://wiki.hudson-ci.org/display/~bill-bartmann&quot;


  36. it looks amazing! great job!

  37. Roz

    This is just wonderful. I love Roksanda Illinic’s designs,so fairytale like and whimsical. But your version is just as good! I’m really impressed that it’s a DIY.
    I honestly didn;t realise until I read the post!
    And the sketch is great too. Funnily enough, my latest post is showcasing a lot of my sketches..


  38. Amazing remake! If I was that talented, I think my wallet would weigh a lot more.

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