a delicious dress.






 A cotton candy, sweet as sugar colour + a snuggly mint cardigan ( I would chop down the front of it..actually on second thoughts….) + some of those bunny ears (despite the fact they may make you feel a bit bizzare!) topped off with a soft black suede bag.  



Whilst searching for ideas for my next project, I happened upon this lovely specimin by Marni. What a beast of a bag, squishy, soft, most importantly large, and dabbled in a glimpse of gold…this shall be my next sewing venture! Taking note of the almond shaped balls of gold, I shall search out a similar black bag suitable for the base and then cover it with hundreds of nut shaped gold goodies. Should be easy? I’m not sure about that, but wish me luck!


Acne jumper, Marni bag, Benoît Missolin bunny ears, Osman Yousefzada dress


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  1. ahh i love that acne jumper, i’ve been lemming it for so long now. the duck egg blue one is in vogue uk sept at the moment. need it now! haha


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