Dress #2


I recently bought some buttery smooth blue silk to make into the pictured dress….looking at it now I can see a little 1940s touch…I have been attempting the bodice but due to the slipperyness of the material it is proving to be a tad tricky! Hopefully I will have it finished sometime next week-I can’t wait to wear it!

In other news, I went on a hectic mouse hunt yesturday, the first pet shop didn’t sell pets, but after a little car journey I managed to bag myself 2 very sweet little girly darlings who are settling in nicely at home : ) I am currently unsure of names, however Margaret, Mary, Bobby and Beryl are the current favourites…if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to tell me, and I will upload some pictures soon, I can just see them sitting in my new teacups!





Just how a sewing box should be-messy!



dreamy vintage pictures from Flickr




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4 responses to “Dress #2

  1. I absolutely can’t wait to see the final result.

  2. ooh, blue, silk, and 1940s is an amazing combination. good luck!

    i love the name beryl! haha.

  3. bobby is my best friend’s name! use that one. 🙂 Can’t wait to see them sitting in tea cups, too cute. And the style of that dress is stunning, i love the neckline, how it sort of sits back against the body. lovely!


  4. aw thats so cute about the mice… haha the pet shop didn’t sell pets – pathetic. glad you got what you wanted. the blue colour is beautiful, can’t wait to see the dress!


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