Advanced Style


The hat.


Those glasses


and those glasses…


the hair, the belt, the bangle


that hat! (and smile 🙂 )

Out of all of these pictures, when I get to that age I would like to be like the last lady the most….she looks fun, sweet and a little bit cheeky! Her hat is spectacular, almost like an artsy version of something Robin Hood might wear, but made out of fancy curtain fabric…. she looks comfortable in herself which I think is what makes this photo so charming.

all pictures from advanced style.




Filed under elderly style, fashion

3 responses to “Advanced Style

  1. that last woman is just adorable, isnt she? I love her smile, so gorgeous 🙂


  2. aww, they’re all lovely! i love wonderful and classy old ladies. but yes, i have to agree, i’d love to be the last lady! her hat is nice.

  3. older people know how to dress! we could learn from them, especially the first woman.

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