Clever rabbits







Real nice stuff for a Tuesday….sometimes I wish I had blonde hair so I could see how different it would look to wear minty green-and the dress is almost finished!!! I had a bit of a stress out with it, but thankfully mother dear came to the rescue and saved it…It was the silky blue material, it got the better of me, so now the lapel type part is of a navy and white spotty material which I rather like…its either sailor or paris..I’m not quite sure yet…..








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2 responses to “Clever rabbits

  1. aw, it sounds so lovely! I’m obsessed with navy at the moment 🙂 excited to see the finished product!

    and that hair thing is gorgeous 🙂


  2. i wish for blonde hair too… like clemence poesy! blonde hair and pale skin. but then i do like my olive skin and dark hair sometimes too… can’t wait to see the dress!


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