Take me to your leader!



Ooooopsie daisy alas I shall blog again! Just started college a few weeks back and I have been despairing over the early mornings late home scenario….all I do is work sleep and eat! Not fun. Goddamnit the blue dress still isn’t finished, and I had all these big beauty ideas about where I could do my next shoot for it and I am failing to finish it-saying that I think mother may have put it somewhere…I can’t have lost it!!!! 

Ooo lala but in other news I have started my textiles course which is nice and laid back and casual-beautiful! My chosen theme is ‘Contrasting elements’…I am invisaging a Country vs. Old school glamour jacket, all tweed with a beautiful silk lining and sprinkles of sparkling jewels artfully placed…I am becoming rather partial to those wrap around (almost dressing gown?!) jackets..big lapels..yummy…although BIG SHOCK! Purchased patterns are forbidden, that means I have to somehow conjour up my own jacket pattern-hell!


p.s In other news, the day after I posted the pictures of my mice (who are now rather large!) Beryl gave birth-trust me to choose the pregnant mouse! Slightly shocking to say the least but all is dandy as the babies are adorable! There are five and have been named….Sausage, Bodger, Badger, Cranberry and Scottie 🙂



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2 responses to “Take me to your leader!

  1. baby mice! how adorable.. your textile course sounds amazing, as does your plan for the jacket. as soon as you started talking contrasting elements i had in my idea a similar piece – a barbour with a duchesse satin and brocade collar/pockets… mmmm


  2. wow! are you going to keep the baby mice?
    can’t wait to see your next project!

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