My September.







I always seem to rotate the random objects which I put on my windowsill, some days its an old glass coke bottle, other days its a baby ble bowl, sometimes a bashed up tin…I think I have too much old clutter, but I just can’t help myself when I see a crazy object! I once spotted an old fashioned fire extinguisher, all cherry red and shiny…I was too afraid to ask how much it was.The alarm clock was out of my dad’s garage, no idea where he got it from! I dropped it a few weeks ago and it sort of died, I’m warming to the smashy bit actually…




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One response to “My September.

  1. those two cards in the first photo are completely awesome. especially the swiss one!! haha
    and I love old clocks too, I have random broken clocks around the place that confuse my friends because they don’t know which one is showing the right time!

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