Last Saturday I think.


Mumma bought these from the market-I love anemones, especially their little velvet middle!



My top favourite photo from the Sartorialist’s book….this grandma is seriously cool and I just love her colour combinations. Beige is such an elderly shade but she has added so much punchy fun with the pretty sea green bangles and those dear shoes! I have actually gone so far as to paint my nails barbie pink in her honour and last night I spent a good 20 minutes searching for plastic green bangles on ebay!



Present wrapping, possibly the most satisfying and calming things to do….





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2 responses to “Last Saturday I think.

  1. i LOVE wrapping presents! you’re right, so calming and rewarding. I’m getting the sartorialist book in a few days for my birthday, I’m so excited!


  2. i looove that lady! the sartorialist book is so great.

    yess, i love buying and wrapping presents.

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