Just had some spanish apricot yogurt for breakfast, was rather yummy! I thought today I would share with you one of my designs I did a few weeks ago..I am unsure how hard lace is to sew, but I have come up with a design for a sort of lace T-Shirt (big news! I hear you cry….not!) now I know they are being done to hell on the high street, but my design has a chunky metal zipper up the back and a luxurious pink silk bow around the neck, tied at the back…thought it may look nice with a pair of light blue peg legs…alas Jon Lewis material department I hear you calling to me!




Filed under fashion, Sewing

4 responses to “Goggle.

  1. spanish apricot yoghurt! oh don’t tempt me, i’ve just had dinner. 🙂 I love this design, i love the neckline and how it follows the natural curve of the body. beautiful!


  2. the design looks wonderful!!!

  3. I love the looks of this! can’t wait to hopefully see photos of the finished product one day!


  4. this is such an adorable design! i absolutely adore the bow at the back. i can’t wait to see the finished tshirt! 😀

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