Sunday Morning DIY.











I woke up this morning in the mood for some creativity… this vest, along with another similar one had been hanging about generally being annoying for so long (they were from my grandma-no longer wanted) so I pulled out a dusty blue bit of ribbon and got chopping! Very simple to do and extremely quick, I think I may be wearing this soon with a sharp black jacket in contrast to that candyfloss sweet bow…the other vest shall soon be in the process of reincarnation-I am planning to smother it in hundreds of pearl beads…

And in other news I FINISHED THE DRESS! The dress that has taken a giant amount of time, but this moring I overcame the challenge and it is now ready to be photographed-woop hey!




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3 responses to “Sunday Morning DIY.

  1. I like it! I like your outfit as well!

    excited to see the dress 😀


  2. that is such a cute diy activity, i love the candyfloss sort of colours as well. you look really adorable in your outfit too 🙂 i love your polka dot cardigan and skirt!

  3. So lovely! You are really quite talented and have a great eye.

    Thanks for commenting my blog. I know isn’t it shocking what fancy finds you can dig up in those stores. 🙂


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