Have any of you ever had a clothes swap with your friends? If not then you should as I can tell you it is heaps of fun! My friends and I had one a few weeks ago, and I managed to come home with alot more than I took! The loveliest thing about clothes swapping is that what doesn’t suit one person can look amazing on another. I had brought with me an old skirt which my granny had givin me to cut up. I had been contemplating chucking it away as I imagined my friends would laugh at such a crazy old thing, much to my embarrassment….but as soon as one of my friends set eyes on it she actually liked it!  Before long the skirt had been transformed from weird old baggy thing into a dress all by hitching it up a bit-I was so pleased!  Despite being a ‘clothes swap’, we all concluded that it would be a nice way to make a bit of money, so, with one friend in the role of David Dickenson (auctioneer style!) we had a little auction….I bagged myself this red coat for £4.50, the scarf for 30p, a dress for £3.00 and two belts for 20p each… We all laugh when we see each other in the others clothes, and we are planning another one soon, I can’t wait to see what I come back with next 🙂  I urge everyone to try this, a cheap night of entertainment I tell you!


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  1. that’s an awesome way to get rid of clothes!

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