My my it has been a long time! I have not posted anything in months and I think I shall start again. Fresh fresh fresh.

I am currently making a tweed jacket with pearly pink lining that I mentioned agggeeeeeeeeees ago (for my AS levels). It was all going wonderfully until I realised that it really didn’t fall properly so out came the unpicker…but it’s all very exciting and I am so pleased with my material! I always thought that jackets would be a real trial to make but they are actually fairly simple as its just a case of sewing a few sections together and voila! My next item on the list is to make a dress. I was planning to do a loose nightdress style number, but on second thoughts (seeing as I am designing it to be worn as daywear) I fear this could be a bit too nightdressy, instead the top half will look like a nightdress and the skirt will be made out of silk with lots of gathering……and breathe! Well thats the plan anyway. Pictures to come, pinky promise.



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2 responses to “Hello!

  1. this is a darling picture! did you take it? i love how everything is so perfectly laid out.


    • The Silk Worm

      as much as I would love to say I own all these gorgeous pieces, I’m afraid I found the picture stored on my computer-no idea where I had saved it from!

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