Hello there!

I find nothing more satisfying then being complimented on a piece of clothing, and being able to reply ‘I made it myself…..’


My name is Emily, I am 16, and the main reason for starting this little website is to express my interest in making my own clothes and my love of fashion. I have been sewing since I was about 10, creating little patchworks out of scraps of material with a ricketty old machine, and it has always given me a great sense of achievement when a creation is finished (despite the amount of stress it may have caused!).

I am not sure exactly where my interest in clothes stems from, but since a young age I have been fascinted with my Grandmother’s room…..the mounds of colourful silk scarves, the huddles of lotions and potions arranged on her dressing table, not to mention the many jewellery boxes crammed with clusters of amber necklaces and pretty brooches. My inspiration comes from all around….Old books, passers by on the street, dainty English gardens…I relish the moment when Elle and Vogue appear on Borders shelves, or the moment when Net-a-Porter’s ‘Whats New’ section is updated so I can be off in a dream of owning that Lanvin necklace…..one day!

These things fire my imagination to create my next piece of clothing. I may see a colour combination that I like, or a clever detail which I think I may be able to re-create, and with that I’ve gathered my notebook, a pen, and I’m off to choose some suitable material…..


4 responses to “About

  1. oh enjoy making clothes x

  2. youre a very talented girl, I’m quite happy to be your second follower on bloglovin!! Love your work, it is gorgeous 🙂

    Brooke xx

  3. Hey Emily,

    You have great work! and a great blog! If you’d like- we’d love to feature some of your designs at ustrendy- let me know if youre interested!

    • The Silk Worm

      Hi there!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I would be more than happy to let you feature some of my designs on your site, I am truly flattered!

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