Dress 2. Very Navy











At last, this dress is finished! It was a tad on the difficult side to construct, despite Vogue describing it as an ‘easy pattern’-yeah mate! Originally the polka-dot part was supposed to be the same material as the rest of the dress, but then all hell let loose( sewing machines jamming, messed up pattern pieces) and I got into a bit of a muddle, so I had to root about in the material box to find a replacement. Me and mum have decided that we prefer this material anyway, contrast oh yes! I’m not sure what theme it falls into… ‘nautical’? a bit 1940s? I have no idea where I will wear it, but my collection is growing, here’s to the next dress! I would love it if some of you could give me some ideas on what I should make next 🙂



One response to “Dress 2. Very Navy

  1. so cute! I love it. yes the hemline and general shape are quite 1940s…

    hmm I’m not sure what you should do next! something pastelly, those colours look lovely on you. up to you though, good luck!


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